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Teen Encounter offers grief support to teens who have experienced a loss. Campers participate in various group sessions with a social worker who teaches them to understand the loss they have experienced so they can begin the process of healing. Campers enjoy fun games and arts and crafts all designed with a therapeutic purpose. Every camper receives a custom T-shirt, backpack and other camp accessories. Camp concludes with a memorial service.

Teens Building Trust

Teen Encounter offers a wide-range of recreational camp activities geared toward older youth. Teen Encounter allows teenagers to share their feelings with each other and learn about loss. The goal is to develop better coping skills and help build additional self-confidence and self-esteem.

The teen years can be a period of confusion and anxiety. Some teens feel disconnected and isolated from family and friends and have not developed a proper outlet in which to deal with grief and loss. If their feelings of grief are not shared and expressed, they may come out in other ways. Sometimes it’s physical ways like headaches and other times it’s manifested in irritability or a short temper. Teens who don’t address their grief can be at a higher risk for acting-out behaviors.

However, a teen who understands the grief process, both the anger and fear, has a good chance of coping with all their feelings of loss, and may be better able to handle losses that will occur throughout their lives.

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Herry’s Kids, Camp Good Hope and Teen Encounter are supported through community donations, corporate sponsorships and grants.